Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome to Life in the Little Ranch House. No, we don't live on a ranch, but IN a ranch-style home.
I love reading others' blogs whether they be  about remodeling and decor or fashion and lifestyle (or a mixture of both).  I'm starting this blog to fulfill a desire to document some of the changes we've made to our home and some that we're getting ready to make very soon (master bath remodel). I have two young daughters and want to do a better job at capturing some of our family life as we all know that our children change so quickly.  And, since this is my outlet, so to speak, I'll be adding in some of my "favorites" in all areas of life.

We've been in our home close to 6 years now and have made lots of changes but there's one I'm super excited to be starting--remodeling our master bathroom. When we bought our home, we knew this was at the top of our list of to-do's however, we had to do some other things first. We changed flooring, removed popcorn ceilings, painted inside one year. Another year, we had to paint the outside of the home (it was really BAD) and replace gutters, so the master bath reno got pushed back again. Finally, now we've save enough to pay for the bathroom to be done. I had no idea that a master bath remodel could be so expensive, but they are.
Anyway, I am almost too embarrassed to even post these pictures up here but that would defeat the purpose of  recording all the changes to our little ranch. Forgive me, I am not a good photographer, but, even if I were, these pictures would still be ugly. Brace yourselves.

yes, this is carpet. in a bathroom. WHY??

This is the biggest bathtub you will ever see. It's only purpose is holding gigantic packages of toilet paper. Yes, that is an old door propped up on the side. I don't know why.

Hi neighbors!

Yep, still ugly as sin

So, we can no longer put this off. We have a contractor and have picked out tile, a vanity and fixtures. Let the games begin!

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