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Friday, March 6, 2015

I cannot tell you all how happy I am that it is now March and that we can say goodbye to cold, dark January and February. I'm looking forward to longer days, sunshine and spring and for the weather to cooperate so we can finish our bathroom remodel. I missed linking up last week as we had a bunch of snow (for the south--around 6-8") and our power was out for 24 hours. I'll spare you the details...on to happier things and a VERY random list of favorites!

My cousin's wife owns Ruby and Oliver, a business which specializes in monogramming and appliques. She has done various holiday shirts for Katie and Lily over the years, including some birthday outfits for them in 2013 (they had a joint birthday party since they both have birthdays just a few weeks apart). She recently sent some monogrammed shirts for the girls and we love them. I hate when they outgrow their monogrammed clothes and wish I could think of something creative to do with them. If you're looking for high-quality monogramming I would highly recommend Ruby and Oliver.
glitter monogram appliques
Rainbow birthday party theme monogrammed shirts and matching skirts

So I was folding clean clothes to be put away, and I opened up one of Katie's drawers and lo and behold, I find this...she had helped herself to some Dove chocolates I had just bought earlier in the day and put up in the pantry. Guess she found some old Christmas candy as well. This just made me laugh. When I asked her about it later, she told me she wanted some candy of her own. I have to watch this one because as she gets older, she is becoming more and more sneaky.

I love reading and am always wishing that I had more time to read (without feeling like I should be doing something else). So with all of the recent snowy days and my yucky head cold, I decided to take advantage by trying out a new author. I kept seeing Liane Moriarty's books all over blogland so started with What Alice Forgot first and loved it. Next, I downloaded the Husband's Secret which was good although not quite as good as What Alice Forgot in my opinion. I was on a roll and also read Big Little Lies. I liked it (especially the ending) but my favorite was What Alice Forgot. These books are definitely great for a little escape and are quick reads. Have you all read any of these? Which one was your favorite?

Look who else is reading for pleasure now?? Finally, my oldest daughter, Katie, has discovered that reading can actually be enjoyable. This is the first chapter book she's completed all by herself and she's quite pleased especially since she read it all in one day! I sure am hoping she continues and finds some other series that she likes.  There must be something in the air, because Lily, my 4-year-old, grabbed some of her sister's old BOB books and just started sounding the words out--I was shocked! She's been interested in sounding out simple CVC words (e.g. "mat", "sit", etc.) and even writing a few of the words when I call them out, but to put it all together and start reading just kind of shocked me. She really is growing up. My hubby and I love to read, so I truly hope the girls will be readers as well.

I'm so glad my husband convinced me a (few years back) to try The Walking Dead. Once I actually watched it and realized it really is about more than just zombies, it quickly became my favorite show. (I had just finished Breaking Bad and was sad that it was over and felt like there'd never be another show that could be that good). You can't really compare the 2 shows though, because they are so different.  Anyway, in this past week's episode we said goodbye to Rick's beard! I love this show, but now that the group is in Alexandria, the whole dynamic has changed and things feel weird. I'm sure that's intentional but at least they all got a chance to clean up, right? I feel like with each new season of TWD, I have to re-adjust because it's almost like a new show each time they start back up.

Here's to a warmer weekend!
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  1. I love everything monogram :) They are so cute
    Happy Friday

  2. Loved What Alice Forgot and The Husbands Secret! The Hypnotists Love Story was really good too! Haven't read Little Big Lies yet.
    I love everything monogrammed too! My daughter has a pretty unusual monogram kKh, so I think most of her stuff will just end up being donated. I wish someone could use it! Such cute stuff!

  3. Stopping by from the linkup. I could have written the first paragraph myself. Looking forward to warmer weather and needing to finish our bathroom remodel! We love The Walking Dead. I keep waiting for something crazy to happen in Alexandria! Enjoy your weekend!


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