Growing Pains

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Disclaimer:  I am very thankful to have a home to live in. I also realize there are many more important things going on in the world, but I just feel like I need to vent sometimes and this is my outlet. 

I'm always trying to make the most of the space we have here, but it's been a real challenge lately. I must admit, I'm feeling quite claustrophobic especially this time of the year. In a smaller home, you really do have to stay on top of your things and purge often or you can be overwhelmed by all of the stuff. Unfortunately, that's where I'm finding myself now which is driving me crazy. How do hoarders do it?
Admittedly, it isn't ideal to squeeze 4 people into 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms (we're working on the bathroom issue right now).  Rob is using the 3rd bedroom as his work office which he's done for several years now. We're at the point where we are all having growing pains though. The girls are sharing a room and while they do okay sharing, it's just the sheer volume of clothes and toys plus beds and furniture in one space that is just not working. When you don't have a playroom it ALL has to go in one room. In reality, their stuff is in their room, the family room and overflowing into Rob's office. Weekday afternoons and evenings are crazy around here, as I've got Katie at the kitchen table trying to do homework while I'm making dinner and trying to keep both girls quiet so that Rob can answer emails and make phone calls. It's just a big fat mess right now. Take a look:

Rob's poor office with the girls' stuff overflowing out of the closet

see the rubbermaid bin? I had that packed with yardsale toys, but the girls got into it and started playing with it all again but then never cleaned any of it up. Constant battle.

the girls' closet which I have to go in several times a week and clean up

trying to cram a trampoline, easel, baby doll accessories and books in one space

finally, this lovely area in our master bedroom where I've begun piling things for a yard sale

I hate clutter and so this has been really draining on me. Rob has been looking to possibly buy a commercial space to move the business to, but it's a complicated task not to mention expensive! I'll be honest...sometimes I think it would just be easier to update our master bath (and kitchen) and put the house on the market with the hopes of finding something bigger in this location. However, Rob loves the location and the lot we're on. I've always felt like we'd be perfect for the HGTV show Love it or List it!

I'm trying to get everything that we don't need organized for a yard sale, which scares and stresses me out. I'm not even going to attempt to price each item individually. Typically, I donate and/or just give items away but I have so much that this time I think the yard sale makes sense. Wish me luck. Anyone have any advice in this area?

Meanwhile, the entryway still looks like this

further adding to the stress. After, ahem, several paint samples I have decided on a new course. But, that's another post.

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